Interactive WhiteboardsHandwriting Recognition is the Devil!


Thanks for your post; if you should need to contact us via the phone or knowledgebase, I’ve logged your case against case number 493604.

It’s unusual that the software would have handwriting recognition turned on by default- normally if that’s running, it’s because it was turned on.

Can you please confirm whether this issue replicates only in Activinspire, or also in other programs, and if only Activinspire, can you check both in regular and desktop annotate mode? Can you confirm whether the problem occurs with your mouse, or only at the board? Can you please confirm your operating system and Activinspire version?

If the issue only occurs at the board, it’s possible either that what you’re seeing is a handwriting recognition tool built into your operating system, or that there may really be a hardware issue, please contact us directly with a picture or screenshot showing the issue so we can know what you’re seeing.  If it only happens in Inspire, it may be that your CPU is not able to keep up with your pen annotations; please check and see what’s happening in your Task Manager or Activity Monitor. 

Thank you,
Daniel Barnwell
Promethean Technical Support