What is ActivInspire?Help!

Does the ActivManager
on the computer show that a device is found? 
If so, is the device listed an ActivBoard?  Can you let us know what version of firmware
is listed with that board and the version of ActivDriver listed next to the Copyright
date at the bottom the window?


If the flame light in
the upper left corner of the ActivBoard lit? 
If it is lit, what color is it? 


Also, if the USB
connection in place uses any additional hardware (e.g. an extension cable, a
USB/CAT5 adapter, a wallbox), please remove that hardware from the connection
and make a direct connection from the computer to the electronics on the board
(generally located behind the upper left corner of the board) using only a
single length of A-to-B USB cable.  If
the board is recognized by the computer while connected in this manner, try a
calibration as described above and see if the board responds to the pens at
that time.


(Support Case 00483800)