Interactive WhiteboardsHelp! I can’t use my pens!

Which version of the
ActivDriver is installed on the computer used with the board in question?  If needed, the up-to-date version 5.10 ActivDriver
can be downloaded from Article 10902 on our Promethean Knowledge Base (


On the board, what
color is the light in the upper left corner of the board’s surface?  Does that color change when the USB cable is
plugged in or when the pens contact anywhere on the board’s surface?  If the board has an amplifier built in to the
left side of the board, please check the On/Standby button on the amplifier; if
it is red, press it so it becomes green. 
Does this affect the connection stats shown in the ActivManager or the
flame in the upper left corner of the board? 


If the USB connection
from the computer to the board uses any additional hardware (e.g. an extension
cable, a booster or other adapter, or a wallbox), please instead connect
directly from the computer to the board using only a single length of A-to-B USB
cable running from a USB port on the computer to the Electronics on the
board.  Generally, the electronics will
be behind the upper left corner of the board. 
Does connecting to the board’s electronics in this manner help the
computer recognize a connection to the ActivBoard?  If so, please try calibrating the pens to the


If none of the above
steps have any effect on the connection or the ability to calibrate, please contact
Technical Support
for assistance via Phone or E-mail.


(Support Case 00489506)