Interactive WhiteboardsHELP! Spiking Board – Model AVB378 E100

The updated
ActivDriver can be downloaded from Article 10902 on our Knowledgebase, if needed. 


After installing that
driver, you may be prompted to re-boot the computer; the board should be
recognized by the ActivManager installed on the computer after the updated
driver loads.  You will then have the
ability to calibrate the ben input at the board; after calibrating, do you see any
change in the interactions made at that board with pens?


If the USB connection from the computer to the board uses
any additional hardware (e.g. an extension cable, a booster or other adapter,
or a wallbox), please instead connect directly from the computer to the board
using only a single length of A-to-B USB cable running from a USB port on the
computer to the behind the board’s upper left corner.  Does connecting to
the board’s electronics in this manner affect the interactions made at that


If not, please contact
our Technical Support Team
with the board’s serial number, so its warranty
coverage can be verified.


(Support Case 00522099)