Interactive WhiteboardsHi, how do you create a flip board calendar? I need one for the upcoming months: March, April, and M

Shawn, you can do a couple of things from within ActivInspire and Promethean Planet. First, open your Resource Browser in AI. If you don’t see the browsers, click View> Browsers. Instructions for searching resources follow:

If one of these won’t work, you’ll find many calendars choices you can download at Promethean Planet ( In the Search Resources field, near the top center of the page, enter “calendar”, click Enter, and you’ll see almost 400 results. You can narrow the results by selecting criteria from the Add Search Criteria section on the left side of the results. In the Sort By drop-down box just above the results, you may want to view the results by either Highest Rated or Most Recent. You’ll see you can either preview or download any of the results.