What is ActivInspire?How can I convert word document questions to a flipchart?

You don’t have to
enter those questions into ActivInspire’s Question Manager or onto a flipchart page
to administer those questions, but you can do so.


You can enter those
questions in ActivInspire manually, either into the Question Manager (Insert >
Questions) or onto a flipchart page, as there is no method for importing a Word
document directly into ActivInspire.  If
the questions were input into the Question Manager, then you would use the Start/Stop
Flipchart Vote to begin the assessment. 
Otherwise, the Express Poll tool can be used to do so if the questions
were entered on the page directly.


Alternatively, If you
have the both the Word Document in question and ActivInspire open, you can use Inspire’s
Desktop Annotate tool to view the desktop and the open Word document, then use
Inspire’s Express Poll tool to administer those questions.

(Support Case 00475450)