Software SolutionsHow can I remove activmanager from my startup items on my mac?

Hi Adam
I have the same problem, I would love to have ActivManager running at all times, but without the icon filling up the space at my menu bar.

As shown in the picture above, I agree to Allison’s observation, ActivManager does not appear in the start up items. And once I’ve shut ActivManager down, I’m not able to relaunch it, unless i restart my mac and the manager launches automatically.
It would be lovely if ActivManager were an application equally with all other applications, that can be shut down and relaunched on demand, prevented from starting up automatically and where I’m able to choose whether the icon is visible or not.

  • How do I prevent ActivManager from starting up or the icon from appearing in my menu bar, with or without the program still running?
  • How do I launch the ActivManager without having to restart my mac?

I hope that you can help us, or at least bring the critics of ActivManager to the developers of your software.

Best Regards
/Teaching primary school in Denmark