Software SolutionsHow can I remove activmanager from my startup items on my mac?

I can restart ActivManager by searching in Spotlight. 

The program is called “” and resides in /Applications/Promethean/ActivDriver/

I also woule LOVE to be able to disable automatic start of the ActivManager when restarting. Could we have a setting for that, please?

(I assume it is currently not possible to disable that short of uninstalling the whole software, else Adam K probably would have told us about it.)

I found that is being auto-started by placing a file in


The file there is called “com.promethean.activmgr.plist” and within it it just launches /Applications/Promethean/ActivDriver/

There is another file by Promethean in the same place:  “com.promethean.activhardwareservice.plist” which runs /Applications/Promethean/ActivDriver/

I have no idea what this one does (the .app cannot be launched by me “just like that”).

If you want to prevent autostart of the ActivManager you might try *AT YOUR OWN RISK* to remove the first or both files out of /Library/LaunchAgents/.  If you try this, I’d suggest to MOVE it someplace so you can put it back.

I tried both (removing only “com.promethean.activmgr.plist” or both “com.promethean.activ*” files) and in both cases I prevent ActivManager from auto-starting, yay!  I haven’t tested the functionality of the software now as we don’t have the Promethean screens quite yet… But if anybody else could test that I’d be grateful.