Interactive WhiteboardsHow can I view and work in two flip charts at the same time like a split screen?


I am looking for a split screen functionality. I would like to be able to split my screen in 3 so I could visualize a ppt, annotate on a flip chart. So for example the main space would be 55” diagonale to present a video or interactive software (Swf) there would be a long flip chart bar at the top running 72″ long and 10 wide. and a 40 inch tall and 20 large for a word doc or a a4 ppt. I realize Sony sells a very sophisticated machine that can split a screen in multiple screens and media but it’s the price of a car. What I need is to be able to watch an interactive video and at the same time, flash questions for a listening comprehension and write at the top some comments. I suppose I could create that by myself but it would take me 5 minutes every time I want to prepare this. I would like to have this natively. Any ideas?