Software Solutionshow do I unlock professional with my serial number

Look in ActivInspire’s ‘Help’ Menu and choose the ‘About’
option (In OS X, look in the ‘ActivInspire’ menu and choose ‘About ActivInspire’).
In bold type across the top of the window will be the version number of Inspire
installed on the computer and whether the Personal or Professional edition is
in use. 


If that bold type reads “Professional Edition”, then nothing
further needs to be done; the Professional features of inspire (e.g. Annotate
over Desktop, the Shapes tool, an option for “Questions” in the ‘Insert’ menu)  should already be available.  You would not have been asked for an
Activation key if this software was installed on a computer on which the
Professional Edition had been in use and the Key was still on the computer
where the software could locate it.


If the bold type reads “Personal Edition”, then a ‘Register’
button will be active at the bottom of the window.  Click on that button to bring up the End User
License Agreement window.  On that window
will be fields into which you can enter a User name, Organization, and an Activation
Key for the software (20 digits in length, starting with 0015 or 0016).  Fill in each of the fields, making sure that
no dashes or spaces are used when inputting the Activation Key, then check the
box to agree to the terms of the license. 
An ‘OK’ button will be active if all the information was entered
properly; click on that button, and you will be prompted that any changes would
take effect the next time the software is opened.  Close and re-open the software; you should
now see that the features of the Professional Edition are now unlocked in the


(Support Case 00491244)