AccessoriesHow to assign devices to students

I have another question about assigning devices to students:

ActivExpression 2 Classroom management: Help needed assigning devices – I am the teacher-librarian and teach all children at my school (grades 5-8). I’m looking for a stream-lined way to get students logged onto a responder and have their grades collected.

Since students come in with English, social studies, science, technology, music, and art, setting up class lists for each lesson is extremely time consuming. Is there a way to assign each student a unique pin number that they use to log on with no matter which class they come in with? This would eliminate the time that it takes to set up individual class lists. It would also speed up the log on process at the beginning of the class, and I would no longer have to take the time when the students accidentally put in the ID number instead of the pin number. Any ideas?

Thanks, Kathy