Software SolutionsI am unable to download anything, I get an error message that says a newer version of this applicati


Thanks for posting. I’ve logged your post against case number 493611.

Am I correct in recalling/presuming this is a Windows error message? Does the error message specifically point out the Activinspire software, or Activdriver, or other part of the software?

If I’m correct about Windows, please attempt the below, either for all pieces of Activsoftware you’re trying to install (If you’re downloading Inspire from Planet, it’ll be the Activinspire, Activdriver, Activinspire Help, Activinspire Core Resources, and Activinspire HWR Resources; if updating from the software, just Activinspire; anywhere else, the download should specify what you’re downloading), or for the specific software that’s generating the error.

First, check your Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features, and if the software appears on the list, try to uninstall it.

If you get an error when you go to uninstall, or if you’re able to uninstall but trying to install again generates the same error, please run the Microsoft utility provided below.

From here, try again to install or uninstall, whichever generated the error, and if uninstalling proceed from there to install from a fresh download from Planet.

If you’re still having difficulty at this point, or if you’re running a Mac, we’d probably next want to get into some more detailed uninstall directions- if we get to this point, please contact us directly over the phone or using our knowledgebase at and referencing your case number.

Thank you,
Daniel Barnwell
Promethean Technical Support