Software SolutionsI am unable to import a PowerPoint into Activinspire. Please help!

If you export your Flipchart file as JPEGS (one of the choices) you can import it into PPT.  First, from Actiinspire, click on export, then all pages to….JPEG. Put all your JPEGS into one folder. An easy way to do this is create a new folder BEFORE you export, then select that folder when exporting. That way they are all in one place. Open up PPT and click on ‘Photo Album’ and then ‘New Photo Album’.  Make sure to select one picture per slide.  Now open the file with your JPEGS from your Flipchart, select all of them (CTRL-A), and click ‘import’.  Now each picture is a page in PPT.  I use PPT 2016. I’m not sure if this would work with other types of PPT.