Interactive WhiteboardsI am unable to write on my promethean board with my pen, I have tried disconnecting everything and s

To confirm that the computer is recognizing the connection to the ActivBoard, look to the ActivManager on your computer, which will either have a yellow-orange person shape on it or a red X, depending on whether a connection is recognized (person shape) or not (red X).


If a connection is recognized, click on the ActivManager icon and choose the ‘Control Panel’ option.  A list of hardware connected to this computer and recognized by our driver will be seen.  If one of those items is an ActivBoard, you can click on the ActivManager icon again, choosing the ‘Calibrate’ > ‘5 Points (quick)’ option instead to calibrate the pen input at the board to the computer’s cursor.  You should be able to use the pens at the board afterwards.


If a connection to the ActivBoard is not recognized, try disconnecting the USB cabling used to connect the computer to the ActivBoard from both ends and, after about 30 seconds, reconnecting them to the board and to a different USB port on the computer.  If there is any additional hardware used in the connection, like an extension cable, a wallbox, or some other adapter, please also try connecting into the board’s electronics directly using only a single length of A-to-B USB cable; the board’s electronics are generally behind its upper left corner, but given the board’s Product code, we can confirm their location for you.


Also, if needed, the up-to-date ActivDriver can be downloaded from our Knowledge Base in Article 10902.


(Support Case 00487899)