What is ActivInspire?I got a new teacher pen and it doesn’t work with my board how can I fix this

Hi Joseph.
Does the LED in the top left of your ActivBoard change colour when the teacher pen is on the surface of the board? If the LED changes colour it is detecting your ActivPen.
I would firstly recommend re-calibrating this ActivPen. If this does not help, try turning off your ActivBoard from the mains and remove your USB cable from the computer, leave for 10 minutes and reconnect and turn on and re-calibrate. If the projector is on the same power socket please ensure this is powered down first with enough time to cool down.

Should the issue persist I would recommend contacting us directly either by an e-mail submission through our Knowledge Base (www.prometheankb.com) or by phone. In either case, please refer to support case 00470858 when contacting us with that information.