Interactive WhiteboardsI had to re-download the activinspire software and now do not have the option to import pdf document

The ability to Import PDFs is only available with the professional Edition of the ActivInspire software


To confirm which version is in use, look in the ‘ActivInspire’ menu, and choose “About ActivInspire…”. In bold type across the top of the window that appears will be the version number of the software, along with whether the Personal or Professional Edition is in use.


If the Personal Edition is in use, click on the ‘Register’ button to bring up the End User License Agreement window into which your Activation Key (20-digit number starting with 0015 or 0016) can be entered to unlock the features of the Professional Edition.  If this key has been lost or is otherwise unavailable, out technical support team would be able to assist in generating a Key to use for that copy of the software.


(Support Case 00505967)