What is ActivInspire?I have Activinspire on my old computer. Now I am trying to download it to my new computer. I am havi

The ActivInspire Suite, which you can download from this page on Promethean Planet, will download as either a .exe file (for windows) or a DMG file (for OS X). If the file downloaded was a .as4a file, then you have downloaded a resource pack for the software, which you can import into the software after its installation. Please ensure that the orange “download” button on the page linked to above to ensure the correct installation files download to the computer.

If you are encountering any error messages on the computer when installing that software, please http://www.prometheanplanet.com/en/Support/Contact-Us/Contact-Technical-Support.aspxcontact our Technical Support Team for assistance.

(Support Case 00519205)