Interactive Flat PanelsI have my profile set so that the flipchart page scale is set to fit to width. Why does it revert b

When moving between the ActivInspire flipchart and the other programs, is that done by toggling the Annotate over Desktop tool on and off, enabling and exiting Desktop Tools, closing and re-opening the software, or minimizing the software and navigating the open programs on the desktop?

You can set ActivInspire to open to a particular page scale (e.g. Best Fit, Fit to Width, 200%, 100%) in ActivInspire’s Settings menu (File > Settings) in the ‘Flipchart’ section. Set the drop-down next to “Default page scale” to the desired setting and restart the software. Does the flipchart page open to that desired setting?

(Support Case 00484222)