Interactive Flat PanelsI want to change the color behind my flipchart pages.

Hello Andrea, I’m an ActivInspire user.

The space around our pages is the “World color”.
To chage at the same time in all the pages just go to: File -> Settings -> Find the tab Settings -> scroll the left many and choose “Flipchart”

You will see the options you can set as you want, changing the “World color” to set a new color around all your pages.

Once has been selected, press “Done” and simply press next page and return to the last you were.

Any way if you would like a different color each page, try to do a square on top, both sides and down the page 🙂  selecting first the 50% view inside best fit drop down menu on the top right your screen, and do 4 squares to play with the colors around your pages 😉

Hope it helps to you.