Software SolutionsIn need of restoring ALL icons in toolbox as default

Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding your issue, Tony, but if you go to Settings (File>Settings in Windows, ActivInspire>Preferences in OS X), then to the Commands tab, you should be able to customize any of the profiles by first identifying the profile to be customized, in the drop-down box at the upper left, then selecting tools in the left column that you want to add, then clicking Add. To change their location in the toolbar after you’ve added them, select the tool you’ve added in the right column and use the Move Up/Down buttons to move them where you want them on the toolbox.

If you formerly saved profiles, you can open them back up by going to the Settings tab, then to the Profile & Resources section within that. The first field on the right, then, will show you the directory those are saved in. To open one of those, click the Retrieve Profile button , navigate to that folder and select the saved profile. Their file extensions are .profile.