Interactive WhiteboardsIs there any way to change the backgrounds of all the pages in a flipchart at one time, and not have

Dave, if you’re creating a new flipchart, before you do anything else, set the background for the first page. Then, before you add anything else to that page, select it in the page browser and click Cmd-D (Mac) or Ctrl-D (PC) as many (or more) times as the number of pages you think you’ll need. You’ll end up with a bunch of pages with that same background, and you can quickly delete any of them you don’t end up using, again using the page browser.

If you need to change the page background of the pages in an existing flipchart, and if the desired background isn’t already in Shared Resources, add the desired background to My Resources by first selecting the folder there that you want to add it to, then right-click the desired background and select Add to Resource Library, and then Add Background to Resource Library. Finally, you’ll need to go to each page in turn and double-click that background you’ve added to My Resources. If you have the background in Shared or My Resources, it really doesn’t take long to add it to each page.