What is ActivInspire?Looking to make an interactive spinner for a game. How do I make the spinner rotate?

The ActivInspire
software does not contain a Random Number Generator which would be used to
express the random positioning of a pointer on a spinner’s face.  The closest that Inspire would have is the
Dice Tool, which uses 6-sided dice rolled randomly.  If this is what you are looking to do within
the flipchart (produce a random whole number from 1 to 6, including 1 and 6),
then this would be what we suggest using.


Most of the
spinner-like resources already available for use in the ActivInspire software
are Flash-based objects that can be inserted into a flipchart as needed.  If you were able to create something similar
within a Flash editor, the resulting fie should have the ability to be inserted
into a flipchart for use.


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