What is ActivInspire?Looking to make an interactive spinner for a game. How do I make the spinner rotate?


Thanks for posting. I’m logging case 00524470 for your question.

Can you please be a little more specific about what you want the spinner to do? That is, do you want to click on the spinner and have it select a random number, or move independently with mouse or pen input?

I’m not sure we can help from a technical support standpoint, though other members of the community may be able to advise.

You might also be able to get some help by logging on to prometheanplanet.com and checking some of the resources linked below; all are free to download.




Hopefully this helps, though if you can let us know specifics or in particular if any part of the software is not working correctly, please let us know and we will assist as we’re able.

Thank you,