Software SolutionsMissing containers in browser


Thanks for confirming.

For clarity, Page Notes and Shapes are both features of the Professional Edition only. This is in our specifications linked below.

I had previously thought that Containers were only a feature of the Professional edition though as they are not mentioned in the specifications thought I’d check, and they are there in Personal edition.

Please ensure you’re running the latest version of Activinspire, select an object capable of functioning as a container (Note annotations, like your pen, highlighter, or magic ink tool, will not work; I’d suggest using an image as a test), and with the object selected check the Property Browser and see if you don’t see the Container heading.

Please if you’re still having difficulty, contact us directly over the phone or through our knowledgebase at If possible, please send us the flipchart you’re working on so we can see what might be the issue here.

Thank you,