Interactive WhiteboardsMultiple Choice Single Questions not appearing in the Activexpression

You’re correct, Mike, that when you have a single-question page, the question does not display on the ActivExpression. When you create two or more questions on a single page, you’re creating a self-paced question set, and then the questions are displayed on the devices as well, since with a self-paced question set, everyone moves at his/her own pace. But for a regular, single-question for a page, yes, you have to look at the image in the front of the room, and/or someone might read it aloud. Yes, I too would rather see the ActivExpressions display the question as well for regular non-SPQS sessions. This extends to ClassFlow as well, when used through ActivInspire. The question itself doesn’t extend to the devices — the tablets in this case — which you have to look to the front of the room to see. But it’s the way it works at present.