Interactive WhiteboardsMy Activ board does not recognize my Activ pens

To help us better understand the environment in which this issue is presenting, can you advise us of the Board’s Product Code and version of ActivDriver installed on the computer used with that board.

Does the connection re-establish by itself, or do you have to perform some steps to have the connection to the board recognized again? If so, what steps have to be performed to regain that connection?

Also, does the USB connection in place utilize any additional hardware (e.g. extension cabling, external USB hubs, or wallboxes)? If so, please instead connect the computer directly to the board’s electronics using only a single USB cable, no more than 3m in length. While connected in this manner, does the board stay connected for a longer period of time or does the connection not drop at all?

(Support Case 00563698)