Interactive WhiteboardsMy board is not connecting to my laptop…please help.

Hello Connor,


The newest version of
the ActivInspire software includes some integration with our ClassFlow online
service; for more information about that service, please refer to


If this “not found”
message is being displayed on the board’s surface instead of you r computer’s
desktop, you may need to check the VGA connection in place, ensuring it is securely
connected to both the computer and to either the projector directly or into any
hardware used to help facilitate that connection (e.g. a connection plate on
the frame behind the board or a wallbox near the board).   


If the same message is
presenting after securing that connection, please try connecting the VGA cable
from the computer directly into the projector, if possible. This will help to
eliminate any of the additional hardware in use as contributing to this issue.  We would also recommend trying to use a
different VGA cable to make that connection and to use a different computer, as


If this projector is Promethean-Branded
and not able to display any picture from your computer after the computer is
connected directly to it with a single length of VGA cable, please contact our
support team, either through submitting
an e-mail request
through our Promethean Knowledge Base ( or by
.  In either case, please refer
to support case 00469173 when doing so.


Support Case 00469173