Interactive Flat Panelsmy pen is recognized but won’t write

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for posting.

Could you let us know what the model number of the ActivBoard is (excluding serial number)?
Is the flame lit white or red when the pen is not touching the ActivBoard?

If the flame is red this means that there is a connection issue between the ActivBoard and computer. Please re-seat all the USB cables between the computer and the ActivBoard and see if this goes to a white LED.

If you have a white LED already, please remove the USB cable and power off the ActivBoard for 10 minutes from the main socket. (Ensure the projector is turned off prior with enough time to cool down in case they are on the same power outlet)

Please also ensure that you have the Promethean drivers installed. The current version is 5.11.7 which can be downloaded by going to article 10902 on We always recommend that the driver is installed with no USB cable connected to avoid any driver conflicts.

If you are still having issues please let us know.
Promethean Technical Support
Case 00569684