Interactive WhiteboardsMy pen will move the cursor around my ActivBoard but will not write. Help!!!

To help direct our troubleshooting effects, please advise us
of which model of ActivBoard is in use in this room.  The product code of that board (which can
help determine the model of board in use) can be found on the same label is its
serial number; Article 10474 from our Knowledgebase
can help you locate that information. Please
only post the product code of the board here


Is this lack of writing seen only in the ActivInspire software
or when using the computer’s desktop or other software on the computer (e.g. MS
Paint, if the computer is Windows-based) in which annotations or commands can
be made using pen input at the board in question?


Also, does the same behavior present when other computers are
used with this board which also has the up-to-date ActivInspire software and
ActivDriver installed on them?  If
needed, a package to use in installing that software can be downloaded from this
on Promethean Planet


(Support Case 00523592)