What is ActivInspire?NO: Sound or Touch & Dull Color

Concerning the behavior of the board in this case, check the On/Standby button on the side of the board and the flame light in the upper left corner of the board’s surface.  Are both of those items lit and if so, what color are they? 


Is the USB connection to that board from the computer using any additional hardware like an extension cable, a booster or other adapter, or a wallbox?  If any of that hardware is present, remove them from the connection and instead connect to the board’s electronics using only a single length of USB cable.  Does the computer recognize a connection to the ActivBoard while connected in that manner?  If so you should have the ability to calibrate the pens with that board; after completing that, is the computer reacting to input made at that board using your pen?


For the Projector, does the menu which appears when pressing the MENU button on the projector’s remote also appear dull or does the same dull image display when connecting the VGA cable from the computer is connected directly into the projector’s VGA port?


(Support Case 00485863)