Software SolutionsOn Screen Keyboard “Not Installed”?

First, we would recommend your version of Java be up-to-date when using the ActivInspire software. You can download that update from

If the On-Screen key board in ActivInspire is not opening from either the Tools menu (Tools > More Tools > On-Screen keyboard) or using the shortcut on a keyboard (CTRL + K), please try first setting Inspire to use Window’s on-screen keyboard. That setting can be accessed through File > Settings > User Input and will be called “Use keyboard supplied with operating system”. Check that box, close the settings window and attempt once more to use the On-Screen keyboard in Inspire.

If a similar message is presented to you, close Inspire and try to run the Activkeyboard application located in C:Program FilesActiv SoftwareInspire. If the application is not present or gives a similar error, please contact our Support Team and report what is happening in this case to them.

(Support Case 00471491)