Software SolutionsOS X Yosemite: ActivInspire v2.4 ignores latest Java RE installation on startup

Promethean Technical Support replied to my question ” You’re saying that if I want to run ActivInspire on Yosemite, I have to install the legacy Java 6 RE?” by email with “Thank you for confirming. Yes that is correct”.

As far as I can see, ActivInspire on Yosemite appears to ignore any newer version of the Java RE that is installed (installing the latest Java RE appears to serve no purpose, unless you need it for something else). Apple’s Java 6 RE and Oracle’s Java 8 RE are completely separate installations, and live on separate parts of the disk. Installing the Java 6 RE then installing Java 8 RE does not upgrade the Java 6 RE, you just get two separate versions of Java RE.

As Oracle says [1] “Keeping old versions of Java on your system presents a serious security risk.”

Can I ask that Promethean amend the system requirements for OS X, to make it that clear that Apple’s Java 6 RE is required for the software to run? The information currently on the system requirements page appears to be incorrect, and @planet_tweets comment on Twitter (whilst accurate) was a little misleading.

I will use my plan B solution as given above until ActivInspire is updated to remove its dependency on the Java 6 RE.

Thanks for everyone’s assistance in helping to resolve this.