Software SolutionsOS X Yosemite: ActivInspire v2.4 ignores latest Java RE installation on startup

You can install the Java 8 RTE for use with the ActivInspire
software.  However, you may be prompted
by the software to install a part of the Java 6 RTE from Apple’s support page.  This is due to a change in how OS X handles
Java made after Java 6. 


What is being downloaded for installation from the Apple Support article referred
to previously
is a fix which uses parts of the Java 6 RTE to correct some
issues with how Java is handled in OS X 10.7 and above.


In our experience, this fix can be applied either before or
after Java 8 is installed; the Computer (and ActivInspire) will recognize Java
8 as being in place in either case.

(Support Case 00564439)