What is ActivInspire?Our activepen is not working, not activated, what is the best solution? thank you.

Hi Evelyn, 

Sorry to hear your pen is not working. 
Could you give me a bit more information regarding the Promethean Product you are using specifically? 
Is this an ActivPen for a Promethean interactive Whiteboard? If so, could you please provide the product code of the board so I know which type you have?  

If a board, does it have an LED light in the top left hand corner and is this lit up if it does?  
Is the device recognised by your computer at all?  
What type of operating system does your computer have? 

If you have a board that uses touch, does it work if you use your finger?  

Thanks in advance. 

For the quickest resolution, find the serial number on the board and give our Tech Support a quick call, but don’t post the serial number here on the public community. I have created a reference that you can quote:  00463413.