Interactive WhiteboardsPen going crazy


Thanks for posting. If you’re seeing the same issue with erratic cursor on your board, like Cormac, I’d encourage you to contact us over the phone or through the knowledgebase. However, I don’t think that the issue you’re describing with the Help files is related. Can you please confirm whether the issue replicates with the board not connected? What web browser are you using and would you mind temporarily changing your default web browser to see if it makes a difference?


Glad that will at least allow you to use your board, but correct, you’ll want to be using your Touch input as well and we’d want to help you do this. The issue is most likely related to environmental interference, and we can do some checking to confirm where this is coming from and how it can be addressed.

You can contact us via our knowledgebase at and filling in the form reading Contact Us, and we also have an article (10860) which will provide you our phone numbers if that is preferable.

Thank you,
Daniel Barnwell
Promethean Technical Support