Software Solutionspen input on ultrabook (vaio svf13) choppy


This is one of the most helpful support replies I ever received. Thank you.

The issue does not replicate using the mouse and I already had set Touch Interoperatibility to OS Compatible.
I think the issue was that I used a Desktop flipchart which made the resolution HD. When switching to a flipchart made at school I notice that my writing was much larger and the resolution lower of course (1280×1024).
When I tried to match the size of the letters from school there was less lagging and choppiness.
So this is a workaround for now.

Even on a hi res flipchart scribbling wildly the processor load is under 10% when monitored in the task manager.

There is still a difference between windows journal and inspire when writing fast. I suspect because journal does not bother with vector graphics? (see screenshots)

Thank you,