Interactive WhiteboardsPen issue


Thanks for posting; I’m logging against case 501547.

My best guess is that for some reason the pen detected a R-click, which when the pen tool is selected in Activinspire will give the options for Select and Convert to Text (These would be the two options your colleague mentioned), and Convert to Text got selected.

So my primary question at this point is what caused the pen to detect a R-click; this could be the result of a slip of a finger causing the button on the pen to be pressed, or if you’re using a board with touch input, holding the pen in place, or could be related to the other interaction issue you mentioned. If you’re seeing the pen interact sporadically or R-click regularly, please let us know and we’ll address.

Another possible concern is how handwriting recognition came up with that particular word, though 1) I’m fairly confident it will be a one-off, and 2) I can’t really address this without knowing what the teacher was writing.

I trust you understand I can’t do much about the word the software picked up but definitely let us know if there’s an ongoing R-click or interaction issue that we can help with.

Thank you,
Daniel Barnwell
Promethean Technical Support