What is ActivInspire?pen not working

Most often, a red
flame light on the board’s surface is indicative of a problem with the
connection between the computer and the ActivBoard.


In that case, we would
ask first that the USB connection in place be checked, ensuring that the cable
in securely connected in the computer, in the electronics on the back of the
board, and with any extra cabling or hardware used in making that connection.  Disconnect and (after about 15 seconds)
reconnect any USB cabling used in the connection to the board to confirm they
are secure.


If no connection is recognized
by the computer at the time, we would ask that any additional hardware used
above be removed from the connection between the computer and the board, and
that only a single A-to-B USB cable be used to connect the computer to the
ActivBoard’s electronics.  The
electronics on the board are generally located behind the upper left corner of
the ActivBoard; if not there, look behind the lower left corner instead.


We would also look to
confirm whether the ActivDriver is installed on the computer in use with this
board, and if it is installed, which version is in place.  If needed, out most up-to-date ActivDriver (version
5.10 at the time of post) can be downloaded from our Promethean Knowledge Base
(http://www.prometheankb.com) in Article
10902 for installation on that computer.


If these steps have no
effect on the connection either with the computer and cable already in place or
working ones brought in to test with the board, please contact
our support team
with the serial number of the board in question.  With that serial number we can determine what
model for board is in use and suggest additional steps based on what board is
in use, as well as verify any warranty information for that board, in the event
we determine any replacements are needed. 
When contacting us, please refer to support case 00477522, so they can
review our communications here.


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