Interactive WhiteboardsPen will not write ‘free flow’

Does using other pens
ate the board have any effect on the behavior that is presenting?


Can you confirm the
version of ActivDriver installed on the computer and the firmware listed with
the board in the computer’s ActivManager? 
If needed, the up-to-date ActivDriver (version 5.11) can be downloaded
from Article 10902 on our Knowledgebase.


If the USB connection in place uses any additional hardware,
such as an extension cable, a booster or other adapter, or a wallbox or other
USB hub, please instead connect a single length of A-to-B USB cable from the
computer to the board’s electronics, likely located behind its upper left
corner (we can confirm the location of the board’s electronics with its Product
Code).  While connected in this manner,
are the interactions with the pen at the board improved in any way?


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