What is ActivInspire?Pens

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for contacting us. From what you have said it sounds as if there is no USB connection between the ActivBoard and your computer. Without knowing the exact model of ActivBoard you have I can only give basic troubleshooting steps but I would advise that if these dont work then to contact us directly quoting the case reference number: 574230.

Is the flame LED in the top left corner lit?
If no then please check and power connections.
If yes and it red, please try a different USB cable and check you have the latest ActivManager installed.
We would also suggest trying a different computer that is known to work with a Promethean ActivBoard.

If these dont help then please come back to us with the model of ActivBoard you are using and we can advise you further.

Kind Regards,

Promethean Technical Support

(Support Case: 574230)