Interactive WhiteboardsProblems writing by hand in Activinspire on an Activpanel

Hi Peter,

What you are describing is something we have come across before when users are running an older version of ActivInspire and older versions of the ActivDriver. The latest ActivInspire is v2.4 and the latest ActivDriver is v5.11.

If you could please check your installed versions and update where required and try again?

For instructions on how to do this please go to and search for articles:

10416 – for instructions on how to download the latest ActivInspire software.
10902 – for for the latest version of ActivDriver
11190 – for the correct settings within ActivInspire to be checked once you are on the latest version.

If you would like to contact us via telephone regarding this case then please quote case reference number 546710.

We look forward to hearing from you.