Projectorsprojector showing no picture


Thank you for posting. I’m logging this post against case number 492889.

Do you happen to know what model projector this is? Is it a Promethean projector?

Thanks for bypassing your connection box and running directly to Computer 1. Can you please confirm if the projector is set to the appropriate input for Computer 1? If you have an option for RGB, Component, or RGB Scart, can you please ensure RGB is selected?

When you indicate you made sure that the computer was sending the image over, is it detecting the projector as a separate display? Can you try both cloned/mirrored and extended desktop mode and let us know if either works? What is your display resolution and refresh rate and can you try lowering either to see if it makes a difference?

Please let us know what you find and we’ll assist as we’re able- it may help us to confirm the model or serial number of the projector, if you’re able to give us the serial, please contact us via the phone or knowlegebase and reference your case number above.

Thank you,
Daniel Barnwell
Promethean Technical Support