Interactive Whiteboardsrandom generator for a flip chart

Karen, in the full Resource Library, in a folder (in Shared Resources, of course) called Gagdets and Widgets, there’s a folder called Number Generators, which contains four number generators. Three of the four have ten possible outcomes, and the fourth has two. Since it uses Flash, you can’t modify the numbers to instead say topic names, but you could have the topics listed off to the side, with their corresponding numbers. However, if you have any potential number of topics other than two or ten, those won’t help. While you can’t create a random generator using ActivInspire itself, I would recommend to not hesitate to step outside AI to use something on the Web or in another application, if that will work better. There are many websites at which you can generate random numbers — is one — and through which you can choose the number of potential outcomes, each linked to a topic. You could have those topics and their numbers displayed on a flipchart page, go to the website and generate a number — from 1 to 6 or whatever you enter for the upper limit — then return to ActivInspire and see which topic it represents. I haven’t found any kind of random “outcome” generator through which you would be able to customize text for the potential outcomes, though.