Interactive Whiteboardssensitivity

There is not a setting the software, driver, or any of our hardware to affect how much pressure it takes for a pen to interact with the board.

If such behavior is presenting, please try using a different pen with the board (preferably one working as normal with another board of the same model), Removing any additional hardware from the USB connection to the board (e.g. extension cables, adapters, or wallboxes) and connecting to the board’s electronics with a single length of cable from the computer, and ensuring any drivers on the computer for the ActivBoard in use are at their latest version (Article 10902 from our Knowledge Base will host those updated drivers).

In the event those steps have no effect on the interactions at the board, please contact our support team with the serial number of the board in question, referring to case 00484216. They may be able to suggest additional troubleshooting based on the model of board in use and, if needed, confirm any warranty in place on the board.

(Support Case 00484216)