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Hi Debbie,

When ActivInspire is first downloaded it will download as the personal edition. You will eventually be prompted when first running ActivInspire to enter your name, organisation, activation number, alternatively you are provided with an option to click run 60 day trial for professional if you do not enter your activation number. When this is clicked ActivInspire upgrades to the professional edition, after 60 days it will revert to the personal edition until a license key is generated. If you have previously used the 60 day trial and removed the software and re-installed then you will not be prompted to use the 60 day trial again.

Depending on the Promethean ActivBoard model you are using, when at the download page for ActivInspire you will be given 4 options for which you can upgrade to the professional edition.
Please refer to article 10937 on on how to upgrade to the professional edition of ActivInspire.

If you need any further help please let us know.

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