Interactive WhiteboardsSpiking Smartboard – unrecognisable model

Hi Ronan, 

That error message usually means the installation is trying to access a network location the logged on user account does not have sufficient permissions to access. I wouldn’t install the Inspire Suite if you have already installed the latest driver as it will overwrite the current installation and try and update the driver again, which might cause conflicts and further connection issues. 

Check your current driver installation on the machine you are trying to connect to the board by right-clicking on the ActivManager icon in the system tray and going to Control Panel. 
The version of the ActivDriver will be noted at the bottom of the screen under “Copyright Promethean version x.xx.x”  If you are on 5.10 and your board is already being detected and you can use the pen on the desktop surface, then you should be good to go as far as board connection is concerned. 
Is there a reason why you need to reinstall ActivInspire?  Was it removed when you did a fresh install of the OS?  
If so, here is a link to the latest version of Inspire for Windows, without the driver. 
To install, download the Zip and extract it on the machine. Then open it and go into the App folder and double-click the ActivInspire exe for installation.