Interactive WhiteboardsSpiking Smartboard – unrecognisable model

Hi Ronan, 

From your last reply, can I assume you were able to successfully install the driver on it’s own and you can now see the activmanager icon on the PC?  The fact that you have listed the Firmware in the previous reply indicates you must have a board connection, so we’re good from that point of view. Forget about the ActivInspire software for the moment, it’s unrelated to the current issue. 
Now that we have everything working, please can you upgrade the firmware on the electronics of the board. 
The file you need for this board can be downloaded here and the instructions on how to do it can be found on our KB here

Please don’t hesitate to call in to our Tech Support if you need any help with this at all.
Should the Firmware update not fix the spiking issue, then the next step would be to replace the Electronics on the board, which would be chargeable as the board is no longer under warranty.