Interactive WhiteboardsThe appalling IWB system provided by promethean

Hi Ms Anderson.
Sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with the software crashing.
We would recommend ensuring that your ActivInspire software is up to date (current version is ActivInspire 2.3). This can be downloaded from under the support section. Also ensuring that Java and Flash is up to date.
Promethean also has a new platform called ClassFlow which allows you to create lessons (similar to ActivInspire) from home and save to the cloud (rather than your computer and having any issues corrupting) and you can log in again whilst presenting in front of the room. You are also able to import any ActivInspire flip charts into ClassFlow so you won’t need to re-do these. Please take a look at Should you require any support on ClassFlow please go to

If you would like to contact us directly for any further issues or questions please quote reference number: 00482541