ProjectorsThe board comes on for a few seconds then goes back off.

The behavior described resembles what we see when either a
lamp in a projector is no longer able to be lit or a projector is no longer
able to light lamps.


To determine which of those the case is, we would advise a
working lamp from another projector of the same model be borrowed for
installation in the projector in question. 
If that working lamp is able to light up, then the original lamp was
causing this behavior; if not then the projector is the cause.


In either case, we would recommend contacting our Technical Support
Team, either by
or by submitting a ‘Contact
Us’ form
on our Knowledgebase with the serial number of the projector in question.  This will help our team verify what warranty may
be in place for the lamp or the projector.


(Support Case 00566320)