Software SolutionsThe question templates are missing from my question generator page. What can I do?

Cathy, when you go to ActivInspire Settings (File> Settings or ActivInspire> Preferences), to the Settings tab and then to the Profile and Resources section, what is the full pathname (directory location) it shows for “Question page files in”? That’s the location where ActivInspire will look for those question templates. On my Mac, it’s /Users/Shared/Promethean/Activinspire Resources/Activities and templates/Templates (learner response). Once you determine that directory location, check it out in either Windows Explore or Finder (Mac), and see if that directory has contents. If it’s now empty for some reason, do a search on your system for a file called 121.ap2 (one of the template files). If you see that file and other ap2 files in a different directory now, for some reason, you could note that full pathname and replace the one in Settings with that. Or, you could copy and paste the ap2 files from the directory they’re now in into the one ActivInspire is looking in. After doing that and restarting ActivInspire, create another question and see if the templates are now showing. If, when doing the search for 121.ap2, you don’t find them anywhere on your system, you’ll need to download the resource library from the Support section of Promethean Planet and reinstall it, then test creation of another question.